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Guy Berryman Photos

Guy Berryman Biography

Guy Rupert Berryman (born 12 April 1978) is a member of the group Coldplay. He plays bass guitar and is known as the soft-spoken member of the band.

Berryman was born in Kirkcaldy (Fife, Scotland), but he moved to Kent, England at age 12. He has been playing bass guitar since he was 16. He grew up on Funk and Groove music and he collects rare editions of those records.

Before forming Coldplay at University College London, Berryman was in a band called Time Out while he was still at school.

His father is an Engineer who worked on the Channel Tunnel. As Guy wanted a subject to study in University, he chose engineering. He later found it very difficult and so shifted to Architecture. He dropped out of his architecture degree after one year to focus on playing bass with Coldplay. While his bandmates were still continuing their degrees, Guy worked as a bartender in a local pub.

Berryman’s musical influences include James Brown, The Beatles, Kool & The Gang, Pink Floyd, Lynn Collins, Maceo Parker and The JBs.

Guy was never a sportsman during his schooling life as he never liked sports. He spent his time in school playing the Trumpet and Drums in the school band.

He is also known as the ‘Dark Horse’ of the band, mainly because he is the quietest of the lot and he does not fancy attention. He is media-shy.

He is a big fan of Captain America and the Space Invaders.

In autumn 2004, Berryman and Coldplay bandmate Will Champion guested on a-ha keyboardist Magne Furuholmen’s first solo album, Past Perfect Future Tense.

In 2004, he married Joanna Briston, his childhood sweetheart in a low key ceremony. She runs a fashionable clothing shop called Jezebell in London. The recent opening of the store was attended by bandmates Jonny and Will and their partners. Guy and Joanna have one daughter, Nico, born on September 17, 2006.